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Acuvue® Brand Contact Lenses along with LinEngage – the experiential marketing & activation agency of MullenLowe Lintas Group, have initiated a program to create awareness on the importance of eye health and promote early detection of refractive errors among young students in India. The diagnosis is conducted by trained optometrists and wherever appropriate, the students are encouraged to try contact lens, one of the effective vision correction options available today. This method of eyesight correction allows students to not only see better but also feel more confident about their looks. It also enables them to continue with all their activities that could have otherwise been hampered due to use of spectacles.

Acuvue® & LinEngage orchestrated this unique engagement initiative. It’s an initiative that needs a deep understanding of the campus dynamics, youth mindset and the sensitive nature of the product. The first such trial was conducted recently across 3 colleges in Mumbai and plans are afoot to organize it across more colleges as well. About 2000 students have already participated and benefitted from the positive outcome of the program.

Commenting on the initiative undertaken by the company, Vivek Bhatnagar, Director – Vision Care, said: “Anchored by a vision to bring healthy vision to people in India, Acuvue® believes that this initiative will help the younger generation to become more aware and learn about the importance of eye-health at an early age itself. The initial feedback from students in Mumbai has been positive and we are looking to expand this initiative to other parts of the country.”

Sharing the communication objective of this initiative, Sriharsh Grandhe, EVP, LinEngage said: “Contact Lenses in India has been a stubborn category with very little momentum. Primarily, there is a big lacking in consumer familiarity and misinformation. LinEngage’s specialized approach using technology for engaging with audiences interestingly has shown promise. We are excited about partnering with Acuvue® in the consumer education initiative.”

In India, Contact Lens as a category has not yet taken off and is used by a very small percentage of the population. Few reasons for its poor adoptions are:

  • Potential wearers have very little knowledge about CL and they carry many myths about them in their mind
  • The Optometrists are comfortable to offer specs instead of CL as the patient does not ask for CL, and also wearing CL is a more skilful job which many Optometrists do not possess or have low confidence in
  • The owners of optical outlets prefer to sell spectacles for two reasons: they are perceived to have high margins and also the owner has freedom to decide the price as there is usually no MRP on the product

With this initiative, Acuvue® and LinEngage seek to create awareness on the importance of eye health and promote early detection of refractive errors among young students in India.