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Mumbai: In order to help investors understand the benefits of remaining invested for longer periods, ICICI Prudential Asset Management Company Limited has launched its latest Investor Education campaign #StayInvested, to promote long term investments in Equity Mutual Funds. The campaign takes a fresh look at long term investing by aptly bringing out the analogy of long term relationships.

The campaign has been conceptualized by LinEngage, the experiential marketing & activations division of the MullenLowe Lintas Group. The campaign begins with a couple shown celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary. Upon being asked by his younger brother on how it feels to be together for ten years, the male protagonist replies by saying that ‘when everything is good it’s magic, when it’s not good then use logic.’ He further goes on to elaborate how one needs to be patient in a relationship and keep hanging on till one reaps the benefits of being together for a long time. That’s when his better half intercepts and asks him if he is talking about their marriage or about a mutual fund that they have invested in. He realises he’s been caught and sheepishly says: both! The VO further explains why staying invested for a long time is the right thing to do.

Speaking on the launch of this initiative and the thought process behind it, Abhijit P Shah, Head- Marketing, Digital and Customer Experience, ICICI Prudential Asset Management Company said “Patience in equity markets is rewarding, and the longer one invests and waits, the better are the rewards. In fact, it does not matter at what level the market is if you are a long haul investor and keep investing steadily. We believe this campaign will help drive home the need to stay invested for longer periods of time in the minds of retail investors.”

Also, through the digital leg of the campaign, investors can make use of a ‘Long Term Investment Calculator’. This tool helps investors calculate how your investment would have grown if you had stayed invested over a long term. One has to simply enter the investment horizon and amount of investment and the calculator will display the total value of your investment and the number of times it has grown.

Elaborating on the creative approach taken behind the campaign, Vasudha Narayan, Executive Creative Director said, “The brief was unique which is to stay invested for a long term in mutual funds. The creative idea we hit upon was fairly simple: be it mutual funds or marriage, don’t quit or walk away at the first sign of trouble. The longer you stay, the more the rewards.”

Under the aegis of this campaign, a high impact TV campaign is being aired across leading national channels and will be coupled with an extensive digital campaign across various social media platforms, to drive reach & visibility.

Team credits:

Account Management: Sriharsh Grandhe, Suryatapa Dutta, Rishabh Gada

Creative: Vasudha Narayan, Atul Kulkarni, Gaurav Jha

Production house: Nineteen Films